Friday, August 29, 2008

rainy day activities

Raining for the third day in a row. While the rain was very much needed--try explaining that to a very active 3-year-old! Whatever shall we do?!

Take one great magazine...

Pick an activity--A Wiggly Caterpillar made out of construction paper and lots of imagination...two things we are not in short supply of!

And then...a very long caterpillar made out of a paper chain.
All I did was ask him to smile.

But it was a lonely caterpillar.
It needed a baby and a mommy caterpillar to go with it.


Irene said...

Phew, another afternoon well spent. How do you keep up at this rate? You will have to keep thinking of bigger and better things. Isn't he old enough for school yet? Oh well, that would still give you the afternoons, wouldn't it?

Sean said...

You do such a great job with these and with raising our kids - you have no idea how I love seeing these pictures and smiles and knowing how wonderful it all is!

Gina said...

HOW CUTE! The kids do things like that all the time. Laken is our artsy fartsy one. I LOVE HIGHLIGHTS!

Dori said... know the whole "partnership" thing would be pointless without both of us! Thanks for the props though.

Irene, he's only 3--going on 12, but still 3. Since we have to pay for preschool and pre-K here, he won't go to school until he's 5. But I have fantastic resources--and it isn't always raining!

Yeah, Gina, today we were making monsters. Though he spent over an hour just cutting up paper!

Suburbia said...

You are a fab mum doing all this with him!

Hey, it's been raining here for a month!!