Thursday, October 31, 2013

No child stolen by the fey this night...

The walls are thin on this all Hallows Eve...but we managed, once again, to fool the other side.

One delightfully adorable Miss Frankie Stein...

And her companion, Slenderman (who morphed into the Headless Horseman due to a costume malfunctioning and head loss...still awesome.)

Off to reap the rewards of a long walk around the neighborhood.

There's always a lot of "chit chat" every year regarding whether or not Christians should participate in halloween festivities. My viewpoint? Things only have the power we give them. To us? This night is about fun. We aren't "worshipping" any pagan gods or beliefs.  How many of our Christmas traditions have the same pagan beginnings?  Yet, how many Christians set up trees? These kiddos enjoyed dressing up and walking around with their friends.  We enjoy the time together planning out and creating costumes.  We've talked about some of the origins of the traditions.  Just as we've talked about the origins of Christmas.  Tonight? They got to enjoy being children.  They won't be young for long.    

*Both costumes are homemade with thrift store accessories...because have you seen the costumes marketed to little girls? Prosti-tots in the making! Eww. Besides, this is the one time of the year my two years as a costume design major get to kick in and shine.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Our wee girl is 6 today. 

Absolutely no clue where the years have gone. 
Seriously. Don't blink.