Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another journey around the sun...

As days go around here, yesterday was on the stressful side. It didn't help that it was my birthday. Because on birthdays, one typically has an expectation of being spoiled rotten. Or at least made a fairly big deal of. Or acknowledged.  And I was all of those things.  Just not at the times I needed it. Or thought I needed it.

And, really, it was the Things I Couldn't Control that were stressful.  Because everything else was just me being grumpy.

A friend's last day of work was yesterday and could her two children come spend the morning with us because her husband couldn't get off of work?

The Swiss buttercream I was whipping up for my birthday cake (yes, I was making my own. What?) never came together. I've been making this icing for years. Years.  Always came together beautifully. Until yesterday. Twice. The second time (after an unplanned trip to the grocery store for more butter) I was able to fix it. But only after banging my head on the counter a few times.

Himself is in the middle of finals this week. Great timing, that.

The four kiddos were running around upstairs, boys vs. girls. It's all fun and games until someone catches a nerf arrow with her nose.  I discovered today that blood washes out of her princess dress just fine.

At some point, our HVAC compressor decided to develop a horrendous whine. Not a clue what that was all about.

My sister and her family came in to celebrate Christmas and birthday with us.  Our original plan had been to order Thai take out. But the Thai restaurant never answered their phone. So we went with a Japanese place we'd never been to but had been recommended by a friend.  We should have just driven down to the Thai place and ordered.

Clearing plates away and his bat phone rings. At least it was a call that was resolved fairly quick. And there was still pie left when he got home.

But the company was delightful.  And the lemon pie made by my sister and the gluten free salted caramel chocolate cake were delicious!

So...anyway.  Another birthday come and gone.  Growing older doesn't bother me.  As many have pointed out, it certainly beats the alternative.  But I very much enjoyed my non-stressed-no-where-to-go and-no-one-anxious-about-it-just-us-day today.  Those are my favorites.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve musings...

Animals snoozing in the glow of the twinkle lights.  The last of the presents are wrapped.  Stockings are stuffed. One lone green construction paper link remains from our countdown to Christmas chain.

Eight years into it and it's still surreal to be the parent on Christmas Eve.  Because I still feel like the child.

For the first time in forever we headed out to the Christmas Eve service. As a family.  So very, very blessed.

A delightful dinner out and the long way home winding through neighborhoods, oohing and ahhing at the lights.

There are no plans for tomorrow.  Nowhere we need or even want to be.  Homemade, build-your-own, pizza is on the menu.  Next Christmas we will return to our normal holiday programming and traditional fare.  But this year? This is just for us.  And everyone is okay with that.

One more glass of wine.  Two short kiddos will have us up early!

Merry Christmas to all.  And to all, a good night!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Early Christmas...

Whole family field trip to the passport office this afternoon.  As we were leaving and getting into the car I wished the kiddos a Merry Christmas.


What? We just bought your Christmas presents. So there ya go. Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

On the drive home, the boy was working it all out in his head.  He asked us how much each one cost, plus the additional processing fee.

I get it now! And I'd rather have my passport than 2 or 3 new LEGO sets. 

Holy moly, I love that kid!

But two little voices couldn't help but ask if they were still getting a few more presents. Please?

The UPS truck wearing groves in our driveway should have answered that question for them!