Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Not in hiding...

Just caught up in other stuff!

Since Gina is apparently feeling all on her lonesome on the blogging playground, I thought I'd sit down and write a diary of sorts for the past several days...

Saturday morning I managed to leave the house without my usual accouterments (my children) and spent the morning at church helping to distribute food for Angel Food Ministries. If you live in the US I strongly urge you to look them up and if there isn't a close distribution site, make one. The program is incredible and the food is top quality and good!

Saturday we moved over a ton of food--and I was struggling to find freezer space to store the food that we ourselves had ordered. If you're too lazy to click on the link for Angel Food, here's the low down: $30 for approximately a week's worth of groceries for a family of four. You can also order additional monthly specials for around $20. One of May's specials was a chicken box--10lbs of chicken done various ways for $20!! For those of you who have been to the grocery store lately--that's a phenomenal deal!

Sunday the kiddos and I went out and spent the day with my mom. Two of her sisters--the eldest and the youngest--drove up from North Carolina with their husbands. They happen to be my favorites of the seven siblings (if I'm allowed to make that distinction) so I really wanted to be able to spend time with them. And it was a delightful day! Lots of laughter. Lots of stories. Lots of soaking in the endangered luxury of being surrounded and embraced by family.

Besides, Dear Hard Working Husband was at home installing the cement wall board in the bathroom--a horrible, dusty job which the little lungs in our family did not need to be around. So, a day at Chez Kokoo's it was!

And, for the morbidly curious, this is what our bathroom currently looks like...

I somehow failed to get a picture of the stripped down walls--so just picture the entire room with no walls like this. A tad too rustic for our taste! This is the only section left to cover. Once this is done I get to go in with tile and paint and our bathroom re-do nightmare will be over! Except for the ceiling--we'll replace that once we're able to completely stop using the upstair's shower. No sense in replacing a ceiling to only have it leaked on again! See, we do have some common sense!

A spot all ready for a brand new sink.

Very lovely to be able to take a shower, look up and not see the inner plumbing coming down from upstairs!

Yesterday was spent simply keeping the little ones out of their dad's way as he finished up what he could in the bathroom before going to work.

I believe that brings us to today--which just happens to be my dad's birthday! So, we're off to burn another tank of gas by making the hour drive out to spend the evening with family and celebrate.

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