Half marathon journal

Sept 4
Half marathon? Done!

July 22
Last Saturday I ran 6.2 miles and it was an incredible confidence booster!  I completed my training runs for Tuesday and Thursday on the treadmill--not my favorite running venue but the 100 degree weather drove me indoors.

My long run tomorrow is supposed to be for 2 hours and not to exceed 10 miles.  Fat chance of that happening! The exceeding 10 miles.  Not the running for 2 hours.  That I can do!

New running shoes.  Hopefully my toes will no longer hurt!

July 14
I started up with a new 1/2 marathon training program through Active.com.  I was holding off on any official training until I could at least get back up to 3 or 4 miles.

Last week I had my first long run--ran for an hour and covered just over 5 miles.  It actually felt really good.  I wandered through and around neighborhoods I hadn't explored yet.  Discovered some hills.  And even found a rooster.  That kept me smiling for at least the next half mile!  Then my next 45 minute run sucked from the very beginning all the way to the very end.  Delightful.

We had a heat wave strike and sit right over us for a while.  I moved indoors to the treadmill.  A couple days ago I had another 45 minute run scheduled and hit the treadmill for it.  45 minute run with 30 minutes of speed intervals in the middle.  Let me tell ya--the intervals sucked.  But I made it through them!

I skipped the run this morning simply because I didn't know if I'd have time to get out and back before my husband had to leave.  Instead of trying to get it in tomorrow I'll take another rest day and run my scheduled long run Saturday morning.  Kiddos are spending the night with their cousins so I have no excuse to stop my little behind from getting out there and running for an hour and a half.

June 13
3.66 miles! I've been looking that 3 mile hurdle in the eyeballs for so long, my body didn't even realize when I blew right passed it!  Weather gods were merciful and I ran with a nice cool breeze the entire way.  Now I get on with the rest of my training!

June 9
Even though I'm back to regular runs, I have yet to go over that 3 mile hurdle.  Again.  I'm close.  But it's still frustrating.  The southern heat and humidity combo have descended with a vengeance.  If I'm not out the door by 7:30, I might as well not even attempt it!  Since I didn't start running last year until mid way through September, this is the first I've had to deal with running in soup.  I need to come up with a way to carry water with me--I know there are handheld water bottles with little hand grippy things on them. A camel bak would just leaving me sweating even worse!  I've also learned to eat a handful of fruit gummies before heading out--not heavy enough to cause a cramp but enough sugar to keep me going through the sweat.

I've been working on strength training as well.  Lots of leg work, core body work.  Anything that doesn't put a strain on the lower back.  Lots and lots of post work out stretching!

I'm really, really trying to focus on the fact that I have 13 weeks in which I need to build up to running 13 miles.  I know I can do it.  But I just need to focus on my next run.  And then the next one.  And running one mile at a time.

May 28
Earlier this month--the 13th, to be exact--I registered for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon on September 4th!  One of my cousins (another loony TCK--third culture kid) is flying in to run it with me.  We've agreed that we can handle an 11 minute mile pace.  But we're both pushing for the 10.5 minute mile.  We're 14 weeks out.  I haven't run all week due to the craziness.  Wee girlie finished up pre school yesterday so she and I are going to start hitting the Y in the mornings.  I really, really don't enjoy running on the treadmill, but if that's what I have to do in order to get my runs in, then I'll do it.

April 23
Twice the amount of physical therapy...and still going...but I've been cleared to start running again.  I went out yesterday morning and ran a mile and a half.  The joy I felt as my feet hit the pavement was indescribable.  Heart rate pumping.  Lungs working.  Sweat dripping.  It's all a part of me and it's been missing.  Throughout the entire run I was very conscience of my back muscles.  I could have kept going, but I felt what could be the start of a spasm and made the decision to walk the rest of the way home.  This morning my legs were stiff and achy and it felt awesome and Alive!

Rugged Maniac (yes, I'm still planning on running it) is in 3 weeks.  And I have until September to train for the half.  I'm ready.

Feb 9
On doctor's orders...running is temporarily suspended.  I won't be running the 10k on April 2nd.  But if I'm a good girl and do what the physical therapist tells me to do, then I'll be able to get back to training and still run the 1/2 marathon in September.  And, yes...it has been a bad week.

February 4
Yes.  I changed the name of the page.  Why? Because I'm currently training for a 10k.  Not that it's going so well, but it's there.

Now, if I can only stop getting sidelined by snow, ice, sick kiddos, rabid dogs and sinus infections I'll get out and run more than 2 miles at a time.  I made it to 2.5 on Wednesday.  We'll see how I feel in the morning and I'll go for 4.

AND...I just registered for a Rugged Maniac 5k in May!  Why, yes, Crazy runs in our family.  Why do you ask?

Jan 2
Running goals for this year...other than to simply keep running.
10k in April (already registered)
Rock-n-roll Half Marathon Labor Day weekend
Run for the Grape 5k in October
Jingle Bell 5k on December 3rd

I'm sure there may be one or two more 5ks in there somewhere!  There's another 1/2 marathon in November...a few friends ran it this past year and it'd be fun to run with them this year.  I want to fit in a couple races with Jacob...he keeps asking about when the next race is.

I think my biggest goal is to just continue to push myself...better, faster, stronger.

Nov 1
I'm still running...not as much as I should be, but I'm getting in one or two runs a week.  It's been busy!  But things are calming back down a little and I should be able to get back on schedule.  

I layered up for a run this morning.  Dropped off the girlie at preschool and drove on down to one of my favorite parks.  Running through the leaves and the beautiful countryside just about made up for the fact that my butt was freezing.  Winter running tights still leave the backside wanting for warmth.

Two things I decided this morning...
1. I need to find a sportsbra with a key pocket.
2. A kicky little sports kilt would do wonders for my freezing butt.  Must find one.  And print "Run Like A Mother" on the back.

Oct 23
Cold.  Cold.  And more cold.  But we layered up and we did it! First 5k race...Done! 3.1 miles in 34 minutes.  I'm okay with that.

Oct 19
Three day until race day! Yea!

With everything else going on this week I ended up running Sunday morning and this morning.  Kyleigh's birthday is Friday--there's no way I'll be able to run that morning...and I don't think I would want to anyway with the 5K the next day.

Sunday I added distance to my run around the neighborhood--a loop up and around part of the botanical gardens.  7 am on a Sunday morning? So very peaceful.  I didn't make the whole loop...but managed almost 3 miles when the crazy side cramp became too much to ignore and I couldn't walk it off.

This morning? Not as peaceful! Almost ran over by a school bus--twice! The same bus! Sheesh.  Ran the regular 2 mile loop but tried to at least up my time.  We'll see how Thursday's run goes.

Oct 13
This morning after dropping the girl off at preschool I drove out and met an old friend at her house.  Her neighborhood loop is 1.5 miles.  We ran one and a half loops...lots of hills and she ran at a faster pace than I've been keeping myself at.  The only time we forewent conversation was going up the last hill.  Wow.  My distance may still be sucking but the whole lung capacity and endurance is strengthening!

I'm determined to run a long run on Friday.  I will, I will, I will.  Race day is in 10 days! Gah! That means I have really have only three run days left.  The day before the race is the wee girl's birthday...I seriously doubt I'll run that day!

Oct 11
An early morning run through the neighborhood two mile loop...on trash collection day.  My sprint/jog speed intervals could be labeled "Speed Training" or  "Survival by staying ahead of the garbage trucks". Whichever labeled used still managed to kick my butt!  But, once again, I completed the goal and ran without stopping for 25 minutes.

I have a run date on Wednesday with an old friend--boarding school old--and we may go for slow distance or just run, then stop and sit and enjoy winding down with tea and coffee together.  Either way would be fine.

Oct 8
Three miles, baby! Sean and Bella T. Dog came with me this morning--so there are witnesses.  I kept telling him that he could run ahead because there were a couple of times he almost looked in pain trying to stay slow with me!  I marked the first mile at 10.5 minutes and kept the same pace for 30 minutes.  We'll call that 3 miles. The amazing part is I'm no longer feeling like I'm about to die at the end.  Maybe there really is something to this whole endurance thing.

Oct 6
After Monday's solitude run I found myself getting annoyed at all of the people I had to share the park with this morning.  All four of them. Sheesh.  What nerve.  Or maybe it was the fact that I was struggling to keep a run crazy dog at my slow speed.  Regardless...it ended up being a short run.  Ha! Look at me calling a mile and half a "short run"!

Oct 4
Cold. Rainy.  And I still went for my run.  The men in the white coats will be here shortly.  Because I have an aversion to being splattered by cold muddy water (I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid), I forwent the neighborhood run and drove back over to one of the parks.  Despite the rain--it was a beautiful morning and I had it all to myself.

Managed just over 2 miles...with one short walking break in the middle.  I get this annoying side cramp that shows up right around the mile mark...but I've been able to walk it out then get back to running.  Looking at the calendar, I have 3 weeks to build up at least another mile and add some speed.  I can do this!

Oct 1
I looked back over the C25K training schedule just now.  Apparently I haven't been following it very closely.  I did say it was more of a guideline, really...didn't I?  Today should have marked the end of week 3 day 3...which was not brisk walk warm-up then run for two miles, brisk walk cool down. Oopsie.  But I don't feel like I'm pushing myself too hard--yes, I'm pushing myself...but what would be the point if I wasn't? But I'm not pushing to the point of injury.

My sister pointed me in the direction of a pretty cool website...mapmyrun.com...and I used it to map out a two mile loop around our neighborhood.  Avoiding high traffic and dodgy neighborhoods.  Sweet! I actually wasn't totally convinced I was going to be able to keep running this morning and I'd told myself I would run to the stop sign then walk the rest of the way home.  When I turned the corner and back on to our road and realized I could see our house...I kept running.  Home is a pretty nifty motivational goal!

Sept 29
Chilly, rainy...and I still ran! I layered up a bit, put the boy on the school bus then went for a run around the neighborhood.  Since I didn't know distances, I just ran until I got tired...walked a couple of minutes then ran some more to complete a loop.  Later, after dropping Kyleigh off at preschool, I clocked it and the loop was just over a mile.  I really need to work on distance.  Maybe tackle that on Friday.  But still...running a mile without stopping is something I could not do three weeks ago.  I'm pretty pleased with the progress!

Sept 28
Actually did manage to run yesterday morning...I decided to go back to the park where I knew the milage.  And I did my first mile in 7 minutes.  Never did that before.  But that was about all I could do.  I rounded the bend at the mile marker and a gentle hill kicked my butt.  The next mile was back to the run/walk intervals.  I have a breakfast date with my daughter at the preschool in the morning.  I'm hoping to be able to run after that...maybe just head out around the neighbor hood and run for time and not worry about distance.  That...and not get hit by a car.  That'd be swell.

Sept 24
No run this morning...or at any time today.  The wee girlie had a doctor's appointment at the hour-away-hospital/university and then her dad had to go into work.  Besides which...it's hoo-ooo--ttt!  Apparently everything does run just a little behind in the south...first day of Autumn and it's 96 degrees? That can't be right.

And on a side note...it was last year about this time that I was diagnosed with severe reflux. The initial dose of medication calmed it down but then I couldn't afford the $50 co-pay for it and decided to go my own route with diet modification.  That only lasted so long.  Sorry...I'm far too young to do away with tasty, spicy food and NO coffee.  Right.  And the reflux came back with a vengeance.  Last night I realized that my chest didn't hurt and that my lungs felt clear.  Holy crap...there just might be something to this whole "diet and exercise" thing.  Someone should really write that down!

Sept 22
Labeling this morning's run as "Difficult" would be an understatement.  I felt like I was running into an air cushion wall.  I didn't feel like running.  I didn't want to.  I wanted to stay home and drink a second cup of coffee.  Sean had the morning off again.  And we decided to break the doggie into running.  She did well...but she was one very tired Bella dog at the end! Sean said I ran more today than I did Monday.  I certainly didn't feel it.  All I felt was the peanut butter and honey sandwich threatening to come back up.

Wee girl has a doctor's appointment at hour-away-medical college Friday morning.  Guess my Friday run is out.  But I've been promised a run window Saturday morning.  Maybe my running mojo will have returned by then.

Sept 21
So I missed an update yesterday.  Whatever.  It was a Busy Day.

It was also a Good Day.  Started off the morning with a run/walk through the woods with the husband.  For almost an hour.  And then he had us doing some sort of crazy 10 second sprint/walk intervals at the end.  The craziest part? It was fun.  Odd, that.  Maybe I really am turning into a Runner.

He's off tomorrow as well.  Not sure how the run will go...the new girl is going along.  She seems up for the task.

Sept 17
I have three hour car ride ahead of me...almost didn't run this morning because I don't want to run then sit then be all stiff and sore!  But I did.  And I'm glad I did.  Sticking With Something has never been one of my strong points.  But I'm discovering that motivation is a Powerful Thing.  I want to run this 5k.  I have to run this 5k.  I have to be able to look my baby girl in the eyeballs every single day and tell her, "You have no limitations.  You can achieve anything you put your mind to achieve." And I have to do it void of hypocrisy.

It was hard this morning.  It was hot.  I've been feeling off the past few days.  I'm tired.  But I wanted to get to that two mile mark.  The first mile went well... surprisingly enough.  I was pushing longer intervals--more running, less walking.  Then I hit the second mile.  And my body wanted to quit.  My intervals turned into run ten feet, walk ten feet.  But I finished--without walking the whole last bit.

This weekend is going to be long.  Our final Little-Big Adventure race of the season is tomorrow.  It'll be a long day.  But I'm sticking around the 3-hours-away town until Sunday just to spend time with an old friend.  Knowing her, she'll try to talk me into going for a run Sunday morning.  She's also doing her best to talk me into running a 10k on Thanksgiving day!  Of course, the crazy person inside me answered, "Hell, yes!" Good thing for my health that I only listen to the crazy person every now and then these days.  Then again, it's not Thanksgiving yet...

Sept 15
Totally got spoiled Monday morning with the cool, foggy run/walk!  It may have started out cool this morning but, holy crap, it got hot fast!

I'm really not that good with Rules.  Not sure why I thought I could follow a regulated training program! But I'm following the idea of the Couch to 5k program.  It's a guideline, really.  Having established that I could run/walk a mile and a half in 20 minutes, this morning I took myself off road.  I am so much happier out in the woods--no matter what it is I'm doing!  My 20 minutes came and went and I could have kept going.  But I didn't.  It's far too early in this game to strain myself and pull a shin splint.  Those hurt.  And I still have to keep up with these kiddos!

Sept 13
Last week Kyleigh and I went out to one of the local parks.  It has a road that loops around with a huge field in the middle.  As we drove around it I set the trip meter thingie on the car and once around came in at almost exactly .5 miles.  Excellent!  This morning when I dropped her off for her first day of preschool--trundling under the weight of her almost empty backpack--I was all ready to go start my run!

There was still a little fog drifting about, it was quiet and a little chilly.  I have yet to get my watch battery replaced (I never wear it anyway) so I set the timer on my ipod for 25 minutes.  Spent a few minutes stretching out the calves then started walking--uphill.  All in all I did about half and half with the run/walk but I did three loops!  That's a mile and a half in 20 minutes.  I'm good with that!  I think the best time I ever had with the mile and a half Navy PRT was 15 minutes.  And that was with running all of the time.  And I was 15 years younger! 

In the beginning...
I'll be starting the The Couch-to-5K training program shortly...Kyleigh will be in school three mornings a week starting Sept. 14th.  Sounds like a good starting point to me!  Still gives me plenty of time to complete the program and build up endurance for the Jingle Bell Run.