Friday, February 20, 2015

On paper...

Braved the ice, snow, and near zero temperature this morning for another MRI on the ol' cantankerous ankle. Filling out the personal information sheet before hand I checked the blocks for tattoos, body piercings, and worked around metalworks and metal shavings.

I gotta tell ya...on paper? I'm pretty badass.

And my sleep anywhere superpower kicked in and I had a nice little 20 minute cat nap.

Monday, February 16, 2015

We never seem to have trouble accepting the crappy stuff that comes along. We just simply deal with it and carry on.  There is the occasional questioning of what seems like universe distain aimed our way, but we don't blame ourselves or think we're being punished for something. (Except in the case of our childrens highly irreverent attitudes. Totally being punished for being the smart ass I was a child.)

A couple of years ago when our ancient sewer pipes needed to be replaced? We knew we'd get through it, the money would be there, and we'd be Fine. And we did, it was, and we were.

Heat goes out? We bundle up, roll out the space heaters, and are grateful for the foresight of a home warranty purchase.

The Cherokee (our one and only vehicle) has had a long string of Things Going Wrong. And it's been fixed, up and running, only to have something else Go Wrong. Radiator replaced. Then the heads crack. O2 sensor fails. Thermostat needs replaced. Ad nauseum.  But each Thing gets taken care of.

Until recently. The poor Cherokee has pretty much been parked since the beginning of December.  We've had spare vehicles due to the generosity of my parents loaning us one of theirs while they've been gone. However, they come back for good in a few days. Pretty sure they're going to want their vehicles back.

So we made the decision to put all of our house projects on hold and buy another vehicle. With the kiddos getting older, it's been more and more difficult to juggle the schedules with one family vehicle.

Lots of research. Lots of discussion. Breaking the 9 year old's heart because we told him no on the Ferrari. And the Delorean. And the Batmobile. (Okay, fine. The last one was my own heartbreak.) All of that in hand, we went shopping. As a family. That's a new kind of torture, right there! We were all, however, rather well behaved.

Ended up with a car that was nowhere on our research radar. Hadn't even looked at them because we knew they were way over our budget. But this one wasn't. It's pretty much what I would have asked for if I would have asked. And I spent a great deal of time last night second guessing our purchase. Why? Because it seemed too good to be true.

So here's my question...why is it so easy to accept the bad stuff that happens, but not the good? I know we prayed about this decision. I know God has been faithful in our lives through every single lousy thing we've had to deal with. So why do I have such a hard time accepting that this was a gift?