Friday, July 22, 2011


I bought new running shoes today.  As I walked out of the store there was a man sitting at one of the neighboring deli's outdoor tables.  He asked if I had change for a bottle of water.  Today was the hottest day on record for the area.  The weight of my $100 shoes was suddenly heavy in my arms.

I told him I didn't have any change but I'd go in and buy him a bottle of water.  As I started to open the door to the deli he quietly, and hopefully, asked if he could also have a hamburger.  I grinned and asked what he'd like on it.


When I placed the order I requested two bottles of water--my water bottle sitting in the Jeep would be warm by the time I got back to it.  I handed the man his meal--accepted his thank yous and God bless yous, told him he was welcome and to enjoy--and I went on my way.

Rounding the corner I came face to wheelchair with another haggard looking older man.  Handing him the second bottle of water, I told him that he looked like he needed it more than I did.

I could use some change. 

I'm sorry--this is all I have, but it's your's if you want it.

I had actually managed to find a parking spot under a tree.  Mainly because I had to back track on one way streets and parked on a side road.  My full water bottle was still cool.

And I made my way back home to a loving family, supper in the oven and air conditioning.  Everything in life I could have hoped for and more.

How we do Summertime...

My tropical soul sighs a sigh of relief every year when summer arrives! 
Not only do I finally thaw out but it's also time to Play!

Princess parties...

and crashed princess on the couch...

Ice cream sundaes!

Backyard sprinkler fun...

Pool time with cousins...

Enjoying fireworks on a stormy 4th of July!

Roasting giant marshmallows...

which make awesomely huge s'mores...


And mine and the kiddos very first baseball game ever!
I feel like a for real American now!

Self entertaining during innings...

Even Daddy's girl managed to ignore the crowd and enjoyed herself...
coaxed out of her shell by junk food.  

And the best part? Summer's not over yet!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


The Bruce Springsteen song has come up before...and it'll keep running a loop through my brain/life I'm sure...
Well, it’s Saturday night
                                                          You’re all dressed up in blue
I been watching you awhile
Maybe you been watching me too
So somebody ran out
Left somebody’s heart in a mess
Well if you’re looking for love
Honey, I’m tougher than the rest.

It's been a rough week...month.  Once again we find ourselves stretched and stretched again.  And I'm reminded that there's a reason God made me just a little bit tougher than the rest.  I also find myself humbly grateful for my husband, my family and for this incredible support group of fellow police wives. ML and of these days I'm finally going to get to hug your necks!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

They aimed to misbehave!

And that's certainly worthy of a day off and some fireworks to celebrate 235 years later!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


He's in the office working on training aids for EOD training (yes, we have the only 6-year-old who can explain what a collar bomb is.  And Homeland Security knows exactly who we are and where we live.)

I'm sketching out a cute, pink and girlie baby shower cake and mixing up sugar paste.

Once again, balance has been restored to the force.