Saturday, May 24, 2008

I've been negligent

I'm so sorry. I have been slacking on bathroom updates. Some of you just might actually be interested in our home improvement

We did manage to get our plumbing issues fixed--no more leaks and it only took two weeks to replace four feet of copper pipe. We even managed to get our new bathtub installed--two days after my parents got here, but at least we had the toilet and sink usable so no one was having to navigate stairs at 2am to go to the bathroom!

Thursday night my parents moved the rest of their belongings out to their house and are now living out there. The little ones and myself went out to Chez Kokoo this morning and spent a lovely, relaxing day with grandparents and cousins. Jacob had a great time playing in the river. Kyleigh enjoyed being adored and the center of attention showing off her new teeth and crawling skills.

This is what was waiting to greet us when we returned home this evening. Notice something missing?

Hint...THE FLOOR! Oh, and the toilet and the sink.

Whomever (we'll call him Idiot #1) worked on this room the last time neglected to use proper weight plywood for the sub-floor. The cross-species experiment of using raw wood around a bathtub also caused what sub-floor there was to rot beyond any reusable state. So it all had to go. Apparently Husband added to his vocabulary today--one of the reasons we vacated the premises for the day.

But the new tub and surround walls are lovely! Just ignore the toilet in the bathtub. What? That's not where you keep yours?


Gina said...

OH my, what a lovely site. The bathtub does look all shiny new. Of course we keep our toilet in the bathtub, just ask Kailea, she pees in there quite frequently.

Suburbia said...

That looks like the stuff nightmares are made of!!! Good luck ;)

Dori said...

Sunday evening and I DO have a bathroom floor--and the cement board on half which makes the shower usable again. No toilet yet--fortunately we do have another inside. :)