Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Demolition, Part deux

If nothing else, the bathroom project (and by "project" I mean "boil on my butt") is lending itself to amusing blog posts and tons of support from well wishers/sympathizers from around the world. So, thank you all for your support. Enjoy the pictures.

The first three are more of a Public Service Announcement. This is what happens when radiator meets running shoe...and subsequently, foot.

And then he switched to tactical boots. A much better choice...and dare I say, sexier?

So, this is where we were around 1ish this afternoon...radiator pulled--and it was not empty as we had been led to believe and the knob to empty it pulled off in Husband's hand. You know, we're replacing the floor anyway so most of it drained out and down onto the ground underneath.

Cast iron tub, meet Sledge Hammer. Sledge Hammer, meet Cast Iron tub. They got along smashingly...hee, hee...get it? Smashingly?

We were thrilled to discover that there really was a sub-floor. One of the footings of the tub had sunk into the plank--maybe that's why it was never level?

The tub is out! And, OMG, what a mess! 80 years of crap!

And this is the bathroom tonight--old squirrel nest and crickets cleared out. The crickets were a tad cranky about being evicted. Whatever--hit the road hopper boys!

This is where the radiator was--and this is also part of the floor we have to replace.

And a picture for those who doubted me--that is the ground down there! Yes--critters had an open door into our bathroom. Not anymore! Well, for the next couple of days it's still open. But after that--the no entry signs go up!

Here's hoping that tomorrow night's post might actually show some construction going on!


Gina said...

YEA!!! You guys are getting through this quick. I can't wait to see the final outcome and I know you can't wait to get to it. I had to reread the blog twice as I thought you said you burned your butt on the radiator (boil on butt). HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, I'll keep sending good luck and speedy wishes your way.


Suburbia said...

That looks like a nightmare!! I can't bear it when we have to do that sort of stuff, everywhere gets messy. It will be worth it in the end though,. good luck:)

Dori said...

I have actually been able to keep the mess pretty much contained to the bathroom--following husband around with a broom. I have a wonderful picture in my head of what the end result will be--I just need to keep looking at it to keep myself sane!

Thanks for the thoughts, everyone!

And, Gina, no burns from the radiator but I was reminded several times yesterday that copper conducts heat--the pipe will be hot at the other end as well! We're rocket scientists over here!