Monday, June 16, 2008

Coming up for air

Just wanted to let all concerned citizens know that although I am being held hostage by my bathroom, I am in good spirits and good health. Please send wine.

I was going to hold off on pictures for a while and then post with a big "Ta Da" but like everything else with this project--it's just taking way too freakin' long! Besides, there have been requests for pictures of the floor. Okay, one request. By my dad. How can I refuse?

I drove the little ones out to spend Friday and Saturday with my mom. We were thinking that'd be plenty of time to tile the bathroom. We didn't count on a two hour trip to Lowes. Or the fact that the floor still isn't level. Oh, and then there's the fact that we don't know what we're doing. And by "we" I mean "me", since this is my part of the project.

Friday actually went well. The floor went fairly quick--all things considered. And Husband and I went out to dinner--almost like a date. I know--that's just crazy talk!

Then came Saturday. I wisely started with the most difficult part--the upper area around the tub. And that's all I did. All day. One itty bitty part. All day. Every tile had to be cemented one-by-one. Up and down on that tub--all day. Oy. I still hurt.

I was outside with Jacob this morning when one of our neighbors decided to be chatty. I felt the need to explain why our toilet--the only part of the old bathroom not being replaced--was taken apart and sitting in our backyard. A simple tub replacement due to the tub starting to fall through the floor turned into a complete bathroom gut job and re-do. Sighs and eye rolls. So she says that the same thing happened to her and she had to get people in to renovate her bathroom. How sweet. Where are these "people"? Why don't I know them?

And so, here we are tonight...

The window frame isn't back up yet...maybe we should take care of that.

Yep...nothing like a full day's work with hardly anything to show for it!

This is a fairly roomy bathroom without the toilet and sink! The other wall is actually tiled as well thanks to Husband going in after all short people were in bed and trying his hand at laying tile. He's a pro at it and the wall looks great! Hmmm...maybe I do have people!


Gina said...

LOL...That bathroom is really starting to look nice. Just think of how much you've learned through all this and how PROUD you are going to be when it's done. You will have full rights to say "I did this."

Okay, my dog wants my attention and he keeps sticking his head under my arm and throwing it off the keyboard. (Can you visualize that, lol?)
Have a great day and HAPPY BATHROOM FIXING!

Marit said...

Oh the joys of internet.
Maybe you can mail them over? Or maybe I will just wait for the big "ta da"!!
And just think how much you are going to appreciate this bathroom when it's finally done!!

Dori said...

Marit...check your e-mail! akita does that too! At least he no longer wakes me up that way! :D

Can Bass 1 said...

White or red?

Dori said...

can bass 1...for this? I'm thinking a red. That always goes quite lovely with chaos, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by!

Suburbia said...

Red on it's way to you then! Any plans for a date for the joint party!!

Grit said...

i can sympathise with that one - how big the rooms look when you rip out all the stuff, furniture, fixtures and fittings, and then think hmmm! why can't it *always* be like this!