Thursday, August 22, 2013

On blessings and gratefulness...

One week ago, I sat here in great anticipation of the coming morning.  Tonight, I sit here and all I feel extremely blessed.  And just a little bit shy of being spoiled rotten.

Gallbladder surgery wasn't something that was in our plans.  Or anyone's plans, really.  I've been dealing with gut issues for a while, the gallbladder ruled out as the culprit early on and it's been a long struggle finding answers.  An incident a few weeks ago landed me in the ER--for the very first time in my entire life.  Doctors tend to take notice once it's gone that far.  A date with the surgeon soon followed.

I have never doubted the presence of a higher power.  But every now and then, Things happen that make me all that more aware of that presence.

So tonight, I'm thankful.

Thankful for ER doctors who make phone calls to other doctors and refuse to back down.

Thankful for Other Doctors who let go of their pride and Listen.  And then Act.

Thankful for appointment cancelations that opened up a consulting slot with the surgeon.

Thankful for surgeons who use visual aids during their consultations.

Thankful for administration staff who know the right code words to use to expedite insurance approval.

Thankful for canceled trips that allowed my husband to be home.

Thankful for pre-op nurses who smile and tell me I can keep my warm, fuzzy socks on.

Thankful for the same nurse for bringing me extra warm blankets.

Thankful for an anesthesiology team that Listens when they're told a patient will most likely throw up in recovery.

Thankful for ultra modern surgical methods and glue that have left me with virtually indistinguishable scars.

Thankful for the medicine that makes the pain go away.

Thankful for healing.

Thankful for a family that has allowed me to Rest.

Thankful for a partner who fussed at me every time I got out of bed for the first two days.

Thankful for streaming video on my laptop and Kindle.

Thankful for a mother who has made a two-hour round trip every day for the past three days.

Thankful that she brought in the fixings for chicken and dumplings and made us supper tonight.

Thankful for a dad who has managed to get through on skype almost every day, just to check up on me.

Thankful for understanding friends and family who aren't offended by the fact my phone has been on Silent for the past week.

My list could fill a dozen pages.

Thankful. And so very, very blessed.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summing up...

It's been an...interesting...year.  
Last week we took time away from all of the loony-ness.

A weekend taking in one more of our beautiful state parks...

 Not-quite-roughing-it camping...

Long walks in the woods with family...

And tomorrow morning, bright and early, I check myself in to outpatient for the lovely surgeon to remove my gallbladder.  

And that's how you "sum up" like a Boss.