Tanzania 2014

I miss the rains down in Africa...

May 2014

Tickets purchased. Travel visas acquired.  Plans hashed out, reservations made at the Honey Badger Lodge, camping details kind of worked out.  Cannot even.

Currently on my to-do list...get in touch with my aunt and ask what I need to bring to make a birthday cake for the boy, shop for a few last minute travel things, figure out airport transportation on this side, make it through the next few weeks, pack, GO!

January 2014

All passports are renewed/issued and in hand!

Now...visas.  Regardless, the journey is a go!

Sept 2012

First order of business to get everyone's passports renewed/issued.

Now that school has started up again, pretty much all of my paychecks will be going towards this trip.  My parents will be transferring their frequent flier miles to help out all they can with the plane tickets.  The passports and vaccinations alone will make the visa card cry.

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