Friday, August 1, 2008

Buying a home is a huge step--for normal people. For someone like me whose only roots are those bits that show between hair colors, making the decision to settle, put down real roots and purchase a house was a step of astronomical proportions. There was a permanence about it. An end to my nomad days. And acceptance of the fact that this is now where I'm to be "from". I now live here. Here takes my taxes. Here is where my children will be educated.

We found this house in the winter. Crunching over left over snow to explore the back yard. Jumping up and down on the floorboards to see just how badly they squeak upstairs. Expressing horror at the last owner's choice in colors and light fixtures. All the while feeling like we had come home.

Then came spring and the yard exploded in colorful surprises. Azaleas blooming. Lilies popping up
everywhere. Dandelions. Hostas. Roses--that would have made Gramps smile.

then, came the summer...

And I discovered a couple of Hibiscus plants in the back yard. I had no idea the plant could survive in this climate. Did not know it was perennial. The discovery was like a gift. An affirmation. If one tropical native could survive--and
thrive--here, well then, so could I.


Gina said...

My tropical banana tree died up here in the cold. Guess that's affirmation enough for me to move my ass back down south huh?!

How did your girly sleep over go?

Marit said...

I have exactly the same hibiscus just starting to bloom in my garden! And I have a bouganville which is small but oh so gloriously pinky/purple.I'm hoping it will survive the winter indoors so I can enjoy it again next year. AND I have two tiny eucalptus treelings!! I did a little dance of joy when I got those!! A tiny sense of home in the garden.
Keep thriving!!

Suburbia said...

Such a beautiful flower and a touching post. It's great to have roots, you need them to grow :)

MissKris said...

Our house is 96 years old...a constant fixer-upper. I love every crack in the plaster, every squeaky board. Because it's MINE. I can soooo relate to this post! Thank you for coming out of the Shadowland of Lurkdom and leaving a comment. This way, I found YOU! I very much enjoyed my visit down your page. And welcome to the Blogosphere, since I see you're fairly new to it. As to the 'busyness' of child-rearing, I am right there in the midst of it with you, caring for my 4-mo-old and 2-yr-old grandsons full time thru the work week. The only difference this time around is I KNOW it'll come to an end, and much too quickly. Thirty years ago, when my two were the same ages, it seemed like the endlessness of taking care of their needs would never end. And now, in hindsight, those first busy years of motherhood hardly amount to a blip on the radar screen of my life. Funny how the passing of time puts a different perspective on things. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I do hope you'll come and visit again!