Friday, May 9, 2008

Will someone please remind me...

Why did we buy an 80-year-old house? We don't have a clue as to what we're doing. Though, as Husband pointed out earlier today, "winging" it has gotten us this why change our tactics now. However, I'm sure that if we were instead following the "knowing what we're doing" school, things would go so much smoother!

I do believe we're at a turning point. Shiny new copper pipes are in. New valve for the faucet is in. Old drain pipe is out. We have about a four foot square patch of old wall slats to remove--once we replace the saw blade that broke on the lower part of the wall. Then I think we might actually get to set the tub in this weekend...or whenever we have a spare moment since Husband went back to work tonight. I don't think the police force grants emergency time off in order to complete home repair in time for the in-laws eminent arrival.

I thought I'd throw in some pictures for everyone's amusement.

It's a good day when you get to play with a propane torch!

Just in case you were concerned and wondering how Husband's foot was doing...still looks painful!

Of course, if we take pictures of Daddy's feet we must take pictures of Jacob's feet.

My sweet little boy has actually been taking naps the past several days! We've been able to get a lot done in those few hours. This was him coming down the stairs this afternoon--all sweaty with his rock star hair! People spend a fortune trying to get their hair to do this.


Gina said...

You guys are learning though. That's what I always say when Tommy and I just wing something. How smart we will feel the next time around. Just think, you have another bathroom to fix so you'll know what you are doing in there, lol.

LOVE Jacob's hair. It's awesome.
Have a great night!

Suburbia said...

Hi Dori
I wondered where I was for a minute! You're 'doing up' your cyber home as well!!
Hope you managed to get a break for mothers day!
Your little boy looks so cute!

Dori said...

Suburbia...I suppose I needed something with quick results--and very little pain involved. :) My husband had made "ick" noises at my color scheme and since he changed his do to my comments I thought I'd return the favor.

My poor child really needs a haircut! Hope your garden project went okay despite the rain!