Friday, September 12, 2008

Rated PG for Scary Moments and Mild Language

No matter how many times one flips the switch of the garbage disposal and it doesn't work the first time--it will not work any of the other times. File that away in "Things We Have Learned Today".

Sooooo, new home improvement project. Replacing the garbage disposal. The only picture I managed to get of the old one was once it had been chucked in the trash can. As you can see--it was Kenmore's prototype of that kind of machine. Lucky us.

The box the new one came in was smaller than the old disposal. Hmmm...the ability to store items under the kitchen sink now that the entire space isn't taken up by a disposal. What a concept.

Daddy had a lot of help. Wanted and unwanted.

Oh, and the Scary Moment? Despite flipping all kitchen circuits to "Off", apparently there was one little one labeled, "Garbage Disposal" that didn't get flipped. There was enough juice coming through those wires that the hair on my arms stood up three feet away when Husband's screwdriver touched them. Good thing we have that current meter in the tool box--sitting right beside him. And then the Mild Language came into play.

Meanwhile, Kyleigh was working on their kitchen.

And then, this morning--having abandoned the project last night due to wiring frustrations and my intructions/request that he not attempt any more re-wiring while everyone else was sleeping--more help from Jacob, and we have a brand new, working, garbage disposal. Whew. Because this family produces a lot of garbage!


Irene said...

I am very happy that none of you were electrocuted or otherwise maimed. Phew!

Suburbia said...

Oh, scary electrical moment, phew!

Donia said...

hey Dori, this is Maia. Kyleigh is so cute! Tell Jacob I said "hi".

Sean said...

Everyone should just give thanks none of the "plumber" pictures were published...

Anonymous said...

OH MY, that just sounds freaky. Glad no one was hurt.

We produce a lot of garbage too. Sometimes I think at least half of the world's garbage comes from my house. Then I realize I'm exaggerating a bit :o)