Friday, September 26, 2008


The baby took her first toddling, wobbling steps today. Then promptly dropped to her knees when she realized she wasn't holding on to anything. Remember that look Wily Coyote got when he ran off the cliff and realized he had just run out of terra firma? She had that look.

A joyous, momentous milestone. I know. Yet, still a little sad.

She went from this to walking in so short of time.

There will be no more babies. And my baby is no longer a baby...but a toddler who in no time at all will be a little girl, a teenager--with all of the angst her genes have bestowed on her--and then a woman grown and gone.

Forgive me if I go mourn just a little for what is now only a sweet memory.


Marit said...

no more babies?

Gina said...

Isn't it sad how quickly they grow up. I mean, you want your children to grow up and be the best person they can be. BUT, it's so sad for me to think that in just SIX years my youngest baby boy, my first born, will be 18 and off to college. Every time I think about it I get sad.

SO THANKS DORI for making me think about it.

Just kidding, go have your moment as a mother and just know you've been blessed :o)


Dori said...

Sorry to bring about your own little pity party, Gina! I'm not even thinking about Jacob starting school next year!

And, Marit...yeah, Kyleigh is the last one. Both of my children were such unexpected gifts--I really shouldn't be sad. But I am--not much, just a little.

Suburbia said...

Mourn away, you don't mind if I join you do you?!!
Fantastic photo of her, so beautiful :)

MissKris said...

My daughter turned 32 on Monday. We spent a wonderful 'girly' day together yesterday. We made it thru the angst and hormones - both mine AND hers - without hardly a blip on the radar screen. Today she is one of my dearest friends. I hope you and your daughter have such a future ahead of you, too. I look at this photo you've posted here and it seems like yesterday my little girl was toddling her first steps, too. Life just goes by way, way too fast.