Thursday, July 3, 2008

Once again I find myself failing at this blending in thing. Yesterday afternoon I wandered into my former place of employment and one of my former co-workers asked if I had any plans for the 4th. My first thought was...the 4th what? Oooh, riiiight. That 4th. Apparently it's a big deal in this country.

Honestly though, I think this is more of a case of me being so boxed up in my own little world the past several weeks than of me not knowing what the 4th of July means to this country. However, I have managed to complete the editing project--one technical snag after the other, but it's done and I'm half way proud of it. We'll see what my mom says when she sees the final product today--it's her boss that hired me!

I'm loading up the little ones and all of their accouterments--must it always look as if we're moving?--and heading out to spend the day with my family out at my parent's house.

So, anyway....Happy 4th of July everyone! And to my British, thanks?


Suburbia said...

Really fed up we are not on holiday and partying!!!!Happy 4th July:)

Hope you have a great day, it's amazing how much stuff you need to have when you have young children! It gets better, we travel light now, but I remember thinking once that I would never again be able to leave the house without a couple of mamouth bags and another one for food!

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle..."and to my British, thanks?" LOL.

Well,the 4th is also an incredible day for me. 12 years ago, on this day, a beautiful baby boy blessed my life and it was forever changed for the better. That's reason for the ENTIRE world to celebrate right there :o)

Have a great 4th of July Dori!

Dori said...

Gina! So glad everyone joins in with celebrating Cody's birthday!!

Suburbia--but you get the queen's birthday and royal weddings and huge party days like that! Oh, wait...