Monday, July 14, 2008


Not for me, but for this here blog.

I started this as a desperate attempt at adult conversation. And it took on a life of it's own, evolving into so much more! It has become an outlet for all of these jumbled up thoughts inside my head--the ones that don't have a chance of sorting themselves out in a day full of, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy....mommy, mommy, mommy!"

It is a window into my world--for those morbidly curious enough to peek over the ledge. I've never attempted to be anonymous--just way too much work! It's hard enough to keep all of these real names straight!

My small, loyal group of readers started off as family and friends. And that small group has grown. And people keep coming back. I have felt nothing but love and support on the days I've just been down and out--and you laugh at my poop stories!

So, yeah, this is what I do when Husband is away. I write a thank you letter to my fans. Yep. Party.

And this what these two do when daddy is away--they stay in jammies all day! Well, it was rainy and we weren't going anywhere anyway. Do you see them reading? Isn't that precious! The baby isn't eating a book--really.


Gina said...

It's a great outlet, isn't it? It's also nice to get support on things going on in your life. I have a group of about 12 who read continuously, but most of them DON'T comment. It kind of bothers me sometimes because I feel like I'm talking ot myself, but it wouldn't matter if they read or not, I'd still journal I think.

Just to let you know, I enjoy reading your blog. It's always well written. I just want to hear more WILD stories :o)

Marit said...

Pajama days! They're the best! My kids used to beg for them when they were little. Pajama days meant not having to do anything, watching lots of tv, and having a laid back kind of day. Good memories.....

Amy said...

So, umm... I had a pajama day myself this past Sunday and David was home all day. Finally about 7pm well after he figured out I wasn't making dinner, he said "If I bribe you with dinner at a restaurant, will you get dressed?" HA HA! Pajama days rule!

Suburbia said...

I love those days! PJ's all day. My two beg for days like those when dad is at work :)

ps I always like visiting!