Friday, July 11, 2008


Husband brought home new cell phones today. Even though I apparently have "issues" with change, I got a new phone as well. The last time Husband treated himself to a shiny new phone--I was left to contend with my old, not shiny phone--he, um, received an ear full on his, I mean frugal-ness. So now I receive a new phone every time he is bored/frustrated with the old ones. Besides, I was feeling so 20th century with a phone that didn't take pictures!

A new phone meant transferring old phone data. Where's Foxmark for cell phones?! Scrolling through my contact list I found myself making decisions--does this person warrant a space on the new phone or not? When was the last time I actually used that number? I had people on my contact list whom I haven't spoken to in months--and in some cases, years. I've had the same cell phone number since we moved here. Everyone on that list also has my number. So why did I take a guilt trip simply because I hadn't made contact in so long? I'm the one that's been having babies and living a life of chaos. So, I decided it was time for some housecleaning and not everyone made the cut. On the other hand, however, two new numbers were added today. I guess it all does all even out.


Marit said...

Funny how changing cell phones can lead to social cleanup!

Anonymous said...

Funny how I just took social inventory too! It can be quite cathartic, yeah?!