Saturday, July 12, 2008

Coming out of the storm

Over the past several days we have been in and out of the doctor's office with the baby--twice yesterday. She developed a fever early in the week and it was hovering around 104 with no other signs of illness--other than plainly just feeling icky. She has been poked and prodded, bled and shot full of antibiotics. Yet still no answers on what actually made her sick in the first place.

My greatest fear is losing my children. My second greatest fear is leaving my children without a mommy. I have spent the last three days in fear and tension.

Following multiple nights of no sleep--two of those nights were spent just holding a crying child--last night we slept. All night. This morning there was no sign of a fever. She was playing and chasing her brother around. We did go back to the doctor first thing just for a follow up. The lab cultures were back and they showed no signs of bacterial infection. Whatever hit her was viral and she's on her way to being over it.

I'm now sitting here with a happy, healthy baby girl napping in her crib and a heat pad on my neck and shoulders since apparently that's where the tension decided to settle. The funny thing is, my greatest fear used to be running out of toilet paper. That is now a far distant 3rd.

This amazing picture was taken by my niece, Maia.
Sort of sums up the feeling I was going for here.


Marit said...

Oh Dori! So happy to hear the main part of the storm is over. Hope you recover soon too!

Suburbia said...

Oh you poor thing! I get so stressed when they're ill and this sounded like a particularly frightening bout.
Those are my 2 worst fears too. It's funny what motherhood does to you isn't it?!
So glad all is back to normal.

PS We were actually on to the last roll of toilet paper this week, yikes!!