Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh, that's why we have 3 vehicles!

Because only one at a time is capable of functioning without the danger of killing us all or leaving a crazy woman stranded with two very active children on the side of the road! Okay, so there's really only two vehicles I can use because apparently there are laws about me driving the squad car--some blather about impersonating a law enforcement officer or something.

Our faithful Jeep Cherokee--the official vehicle of Navy EOD personnel--finally received the tender loving care it so desperately needed and is once again back to getting a little more than 2 miles to the gallon. Since gas is up to somewhere close to "Sorry, kids, but we're walking today because Mama can't sell a kidney" prices, that's a good thing--because it has now been reinstated as the Mommymobile.

Returning home from dropping off Jacob at his playgroup this morning the rear tire of my beloved Jetta greeted me with smoking brakes. On the flight line we would call that "Hot Brakes" and the plane would be grounded for tire changes and fuselage inspection. In my driveway we call it, "Park the car, call the garage and transfer the carseats to the Jeep".

Have I mentioned that my husband has been out of town all week?


Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like you did a fine job all by yourself with the kids...even if you did dip into the tequila (wink).

At my house, when it rains it pours and everything goes wrong all at once.

Bright side-- your hubby is coming home soon.

Hugs to ya

Dori said...

Ha, ha, Gina! There's actually no tequila here--stashed or otherwise. Just couldn't hear Amy properly over all the voices in my head! ;D And, yes...we'll all go out and pick Sean up from the airport tomorrow. Yea!