Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The little things...

Once upon a time when I worked full time once or twice a week I'd treat myself to breakfast out. Something yummy and so unhealthy from Panera Bread or some other coffee/bagel joint. I simply cannot afford to do that anymore--I have neither the free time or cash. Sigh.

Not too long ago, around the time our church started with Angel Food Ministry, the Woman In Charge, Christina--an angel herself...I mean, if humans turned into angels, which they don't...but if they did, she'd have glittery wings that shielded her from baby drool and other icks of mommyhood--hooked up with our local Panera Bread to receive their day old bread twice a week. She packages it all up and makes it available to anyone who needs/wants it. Most weeks she loads up a bag for me and brings it by--if I'm not home it gets left between the two front doors.

Today the baby and I managed to get out and go pick out our own bread. And there were pastries. Chocolate ones. The yummy gourmet ones with chocolate and almond paste. And it was delicious. While the pastry may not have been healthy, the eating of it was quite therapeutic.


Melanie said...

Yeah, about Panera. I bought my Dad a gift certificate for Father's Day a couple weeks back and then "forgot" to send it to him. Now I'm wondering if I can justify using it myself or if I should give it to him when I see him in two weeks. Because that's the kind of selfless daughter that I am.

Suburbia said...

You have your own angel?! You are blessed.The food sounds yummy :)