Sunday, July 20, 2008

Virginia Aviation motion

It's difficult enough to get shots of Jacob in the few seconds where he's actually still. It was most unreasonable of me to expect any of these pictures to come out crisp and clear! There were helicopters and airplanes. And he just had to see them all. In record time.

A Huey helicopter
Those barriers really need to be higher! It's almost as if they were inviting him to come on in and play!

He's actually arguing with me about why he can't go put on the flight helmet. And did I mention that Kyleigh was wiggling in my arms!

This is the one he remembers from the last time we were here. The yellow airplane he could get inside. He's flying to Africa to see Kokoo and Babu.

Children's Ready Room.
Of course, my daughter discovered that museum toys taste just like the toys at home! Yum.

There was a little pen outside with the police car and an airplane for them to ride around in. She loved it! I think this picture made it as her daddy's phone wallpaper.

Officer Jacob...he was disappointed there weren't any lights or sirens.

I think the FAA should be afraid. Very afraid!

He just couldn't understand why the ladder wasn't there! How was he supposed to get into the F14 without the ladder?!

If it looks like he's just running across an empty field that's because he's running towards the SR71. It's a stealthy spy plane. You can't see it.

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Donia said...

haha...can't see the plane...
Thanks for the action shots. They still don't really capture the energy! Guess that's why they're called "still shots".