Friday, April 18, 2008

Why is this woman smiling?

Neither child is napping--though I think the baby is just prolonging the inevitable. I've been up since 6am, which means I did get 7 hours of sleep--interrupted in the middle by a bottle request, but I did get sleep. Once again it's a gorgeous day and I'm forced inside by annoying pollen allergies--no one else in this house seems to be affected by it. I've got the alluring scent of baby puke going on. By all rights I should be down right cranky.

Yet, I'm sitting here, almost giddy. Why? Because Husband took tonight off--and is already awake. Ha--let the game of tag-team parenting begin! Not it!

I have re-enforcements tonight. I'm not cooking dinner. In fact, he doesn't go back to work until Monday and even then he's teaching all week. We have him home at night for almost 2 weeks. Whatever shall we find to talk about?

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