Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The new book crisis

The Husband and I have similar literary tastes (i.e. we read just about anything and everything). Normally this isn't a problem. Both of us usually have several books piled on our "to read" shelves and for the most part they don't overlap. However, every now and then a new book will come out that we both have been waiting for and those, of course, get head of the line priority on both of our "to read" piles. Then we're faced with the wretched dilemma of who gets to read it first.

Fortunately for us--and our marriage--we function on opposite schedules. As long as we don't lose each other's bookmarks we do manage to simultaneously read the same book. Unfortunately for me, my awake time is usually full of toddler wrangling--not an awful lot of time in there for pleasure reading. But...tomorrow is Little Man's play date day. I, therefore, intend to nothing, repeat--nothing, other than amuse Kyleigh and read. I'm even running loads of laundry as I type just so I don't have to be bothered by that particular household chore later! Not exactly a day off, but I'll take what I can get.


Marit said...

So which book is it?
And I sincerely hope you can read a big dent in it!

Dori said...

I put a link to it but my links haven't always been showing up...hmmm. Jim Butcher "Small Favors". It's the 10th (I know--that takes a commitment!)book in the series and it's been a year since I read #9! Sean's already put a dent in it--I now have to wait until he goes to sleep.