Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And in conclusion...

On the flip side of 8 o'clock...

Husband--dear and wonderful husband--just handed me a glass of wine (a Spanish red, if you're interested). I still smell like baby spit up. I'll take a shower in a little while. Right now I just want to sit, unwind with American Idol and the computer, of course.

Jacob--aka Snot Boy--was begging--begging--to go outside this afternoon. It has rained for the past two days--out back is a lake (again). The difference today was that it was too chilly to let him go out and frolic in the mud. I figured we could go to the playground. Then thought that maybe the other mommies might turn on me if I brought Phlegm Boy and Hacking Girl around their perfectly healthy offspring. Compromise--I loaded them up and we went and walked around the botanical gardens. On the same day as a senior citizen tour. You know--the other really germ vulnerable group. I think I managed to keep my son from phlegming (thank you, Gina--it's a word now!) on them too much.

We'll watch news at 11 for a mass viral outbreak at the senior citizen's center. Or not, since I plan on being well into dreaming by then!


Gina said...

Dori, I have yet to find a red wine that I like, because I could use the downer at the end of the day and the health benefit from the red. I hate the dry after taste. Are Spanish reds dry? I'm sure there are many, but if you can recommend a really sweet, not bitter, not dry red wine, I'd love you to pieces :o)

Your husband's blog post was well said. I have those same exact thoughts and yet I've never left our country.

Well, hopefully those kiddos will get better soon. I bet the Botanical Gardens are beautiful this time of year.

Have a great day Dori!

Suburbia said...

That was so funny! I like their new names Phlegm Boy and Hacking Girl!! Hope the OAP's stay fit and well. I'll look out for a mass outbreak in the US on TV tonight!
I've added you to my blogroll hope that's ok?