Wednesday, April 30, 2008

So not prepared for this!

The baby is crawling. Yep. Self mobile. Oy. And now the cat officially hates me.

Earlier today we had her first crawling wound--a nose plant on the hard hardwood floor. Followed by a two second glare in my direction--a look that said, "What the...? You never told me there would pain involved!" Followed directly by wailing and gnashing of, gums. Once again--Oy.

On another note--nothing seems to bring family and friends out of the woodwork like a disaster, natural or otherwise. So far this week I have had phone calls from an aunt, husband's grandmother and his mother (all whom I very rarely and in the case of the grandmother--never--hear from). As well as an e-mail from a friend I haven't heard from in just over a year--her last e-mail expressed concern over our well being following the shootings at Virginia Tech. For those who aren't glued to the news regarding the goings on in the state of Virginia--three tornadoes bounced around the south/eastern part of the state on Monday. One was about half an hour south of us. If it had been a hurricane we'd be pulling bits of the oak tree out of our attic, but as tornadoes tend to be a little more selective and localized, we emerged unscathed. Wet and wind blown, but no harm done. Though, it is nice to know people still worry about me.


Amy said...

:( Should I be worried? NO ONE called to check on me post-tornadoes. We're fine, of course, but still not ringy-dingy's.

CRAWLING?!?! Are you kidding me? That is so crazy! I guess I'm just used to Amanda taking forever and a day to get mobile. It must be Jacob's fine tutoring! :)

Gina said...

WOW, you are in for it. I didn't call anybody because I already knew it wasn't in anyones immediate area that I knew. However, I didn't know that there was one 30 minutes from where you are at Dori, that's kind of scary. Tornadoes scare me more than Hurricanes do. Thankfully, we have a basement.

Glad everyone is okay and Good Luck with the crawling stage :o).

PS...Thanks for the wine info. Now, it's a matter of finding it.

Dori said...

Amy! I think it was because the news kept using Richmond as a geographical locater so that's all they heard. "Tornadoes near Richmond--small children and old people won't survive!" Now, if they'd said Virginia Beach--I'd have called you. :)

Gina said...

Living in Illinois, we never heard anything about RICHMOND, just Suffolk. My mother called me and was exagerating as usual by telling me an entire hospital was ripped in two (go ahead and chuckle Amy). So, I watched our news and nothing, then I went to CNN and read about the ones in Suffolk. That's all we got up here. Sorry guys, didn't mean to make you feel like I didn't care. Amy, you know my mother is going to inform me with "facts".
Love to you both

Suburbia said...

We have dull, wet weather, that lasts for days and we never get enough sun, but I don't think I'll swap! Tornados and hurricanes I can do without! Glad all is well with you though.