Monday, April 28, 2008

The official Kokoo countdown begins...

The grandparents will be here in exactly two and a half weeks! Can I get a "Whoo hoo" please?!

I know they're anxious to move into their own house, but even that's not too far away. I can load everyone up for a day trip. The weather will be perfect for Jacob to frolic in the river--because I don't have enough stress. He might even start taking naps again.

the view from my parent's back porch

It's raining--again--and even though both children are icky, Jacob is still managing to bounce off the walls. I want a day off, but I'll settle for time to finish reading a chapter. So, yes, the official Kokoo ("grandmother" in Maa) countdown has begun.

16 days left...

Of course this also means that I have 16 days to clean out their room--it is currently a holding cell for various homeless household items. And 16 days to fix the downstair's bathroom--which, thanks to Uncle George's tax rebate, we just might pull it off!


Gina said...

(Sigh) I was hoping to get the rebate in my bank account such luck.

Beautiful view. We know of a house in the adjacent neighborhood that has a small creek that runs right through their front/side yard. They built a bridge over it close to their house. Tommy and I have always wanted a home with a creek near it. This house is excessively huge though as most of the houses back there are. They even have their own beach (they throw sand near a body of water and call it a beach here, lol)

Dori said...

I think we're in the second group to get our checks--thankfully Sean files with his social first! If it was mine--ending in 99--we wouldn't get our check until the end of May!

Yes...the house is fantastic! Not too big and the river was a huge draw. There's a waterfall just above where the picture was taken. We can actually put in a kayak and go all the way down to the James.

Suburbia said...

That is a beautiful view to have from your porch or should I say your parents porch.
I haven't read everything yet. Are they coming to stay and help out? That will be so great for you, although having so many generations in one house has it's own problems!

Dori said...

Suburbia--they're on their way back for my mom and I to work on producing a DVD to go with a companion workbook for her textbook. My dad's just along for the ride--and childcare! They've stayed with us for the past two summers--it didn't get too crowded.