Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get outside!

For our last anniversary Husband renewed my membership to the botanical gardens. This morning dawned warm and dry. After days, weeks even, of rain--I loaded up the little ones and we went to the gardens.

Kyleigh, once again, did great in the backpack and Jacob didn't fight holding my hand--a recent break through. Without the constraints of the stroller we were able to wander down some of their woodland paths. We walked, we looked at turtles, we admired a mama goose on her nest, we found puddles to splash in. There's no better way to wear out an energetic toddler! We came home and he napped. It was amazing.

For the past several weeks the little man has been attempting to convince me that he no longer needs naps. He might not need them, but I certainly am not prepared for him to give them up. I need that time in the afternoon to simply catch my breath. This afternoon I heard him thumping around in his room shortly after I'd laid him down. I went upstairs prepared to do battle--and he had moved his blankets, pillow and animals onto the floor. He wanted to sleep on the floor. Fine. Did it really matter? So, I knelt down, kissed his head and told him to go to sleep. He did. Amazing. I got a nap as well. I feel like a new woman--kind of.

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