Saturday, April 12, 2008

The irony is just sickening!

It's a glorious spring day and I have to have the house shut up tight with the A/C on! Bah!

I opened up the windows the other day airing out the house from months of canned heat. The kiddos and I had a play date yesterday and when we got home I found myself walking on a layer of yellow pollen. Every horizontal surface was covered! My throat started itching, nose started dripping. Spring--it's a love/hate relationship. Fortunately I hadn't opened up the office windows--I wouldn't be able to sit in here otherwise! So yesterday evening found me scrubbing and mopping. Not exactly what I had planned but it was the only way I was going to be able to breath in my own home!

This morning--back to wiping off horizontal surfaces! It's supposed to rain today, hopefully that'll calm the pollen down some. And leave lovely yellow streaks on my black car.

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