Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is there a support group for this?

The little ones and I went out to spend the afternoon with my sister today. Only to find out once we got there that the local library was having a book sale--and after 1pm it was $4.00 for a bag. Well, of course we all had to go.

On the drive to the library Jacob asked where we were going. My niece was riding with us so we both explained that we were going to the library to buy some books. From that point on the Little Man's only concern was if he was going to be able to find a book about spiders.

Small room. Tables around the perimeter and two rows down the middle, overflow boxes underneath and a small bonus room off to the side. All covered in books--small paperbacks, large hardcovers, fiction and non-fiction. Meet my heroin.

I found some titles I had yet to read from a few popular authors I enjoy--Greg Iles, Rebecca Wells, Jeffery Archer, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne a bonus hardback of my favorite Maeve Binchy book--Quentins. And some authors I haven't heard of--Tami Hoag, Simon Schama, Paula Cohen and Thomas Mullen. Book reviews to follow.

And yes, Jacob found a book on insects that did indeed contain spiders--he also found a couple others that we had to sit and read tonight. I even picked up a Rudyard Kipling collection to be enjoyed together.

Just in time. My "to read" pile was down to only three or four books!


Gina said...

Where in the world do you find time to read? I never have time to sit and read, not that I would be able to if I did decide to actually sit down and read. I get bored and frustrated if the book isn't moving fast enough OR I get interupted a thousand times and just decide WHATEVER! I'm the same way with T.V. In fact, on most days I forget I even have a t.v. as an option for entertainment or informing (sigh). You'd think I'd accomplish so much in a day with as busy as I make myself sound, but I don't. Most of the time I just run around in chaos, lol.
Have a great night Dori!

Marit said...

Oh you lucky, lucky person! My library had a sale as well. I got to choose out of 20 english books.... Needless to day, I didn't get any.
Love the authors you mentioned. Maeve Binchy is one of my alltime favorite authors. I actually buy here books, instead of just borrowing them from the library!

Suburbia said...

Boys and Bugs just seem to go together! When we visit the library
Small Sprog always heads to the insect section!!