Monday, April 7, 2008

Morning conversations

Overheard in my house Sunday morning...

"What are you doing?"
more silence...
"I can't hear you right now!"
"Seriously--what are you doing?"
"Go away--I'm making toast!"
okay--not too bad since the toaster doesn't stay plugged in (any guesses as to why that is?!) And by this time I've managed to make it in to the kitchen without losing a beat in feeding the baby.
"Jacob...dinosaurs do not go in the toaster"
"Yes, they do!"
"No, they don't"
"Yes. They do! I'm making dinosaur toast!"
"Dinosaurs don't make good toast! Stop putting things in the toaster."

Seriously, it's the one kitchen appliance I know how to use and I don't want to have to go out in icky weather to replace a toaster all because my two-year-old insisted on making toast out of dinosaur magnets!

And this morning...cookbook toast! I'm thinking the toaster is moving to an upper cabinet.

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