Monday, April 21, 2008

Rainy, rainy Monday

Our property value just went up--now that we're a lake front house!

This is what happens to our back yard when it rains for two days straight! Somewhere back in the history of this house someone had an above ground pool. It created a nice, cleared level area--perfect for the play set. It also made it the lowest spot in the yard. Oh, well. Jacob, of course, managed to find a silver lining--when it gets warmer we can swim in it!

The branch hanging down in front is from our ancient, hundred foot tall (at least) oak tree. Last night's storm was simply too much for that particular branch. But it didn't come all the way down so now we need to take care of it--I suppose it's a safety hazard.

We've alerted FEMA regarding the stranded dump truck and bulldozer. Apparently they have too many "real" disasters to respond to.


Gina said...

Well maybe you should just dig it out and make it an inground pool :)

Our kids have never had a swing set. It was something I had always regretted as I use to have one as a kid and loved mine. However, we do live really close to parks all the time so that's been convenient.

Leave it to kids to find the positives in everything. Don't you just love their outlook on life. When you are handed lemons, make lemonade.
Have a great night Dori!

Suburbia said...

2 days rain, I hate it when that happens! Children don't seem to mind though!!