Friday, March 21, 2008's a Friday night

And where am I? Sitting here at my desk, in my pajamas, sipping tea and wondering if it's really too early to go to bed. I used to be a really cool person! Really!

One day, not too long ago, during one of my visits with my sister her husband came home with a used acoustic guitar. My youngest nephew took it and started strumming. I sat down to show him a couple of chords and he just looked at me with this wide-eyed look--you know how to play the guitar?! I then explained that before he met me I was pretty hip. I wasn't always the no-style, no-sleep-getting, frumpy, grumpy aunt that he saw before him.

I actually do make an effort to go through my closet on a fairly regular basis and attempt to de-frumpify. That's when funky pieces--like my Prana camo pants and MK red cords--get added. Oh, yes, and my Earth shoe cowgirl boots. I tend to set my own rules for style anyway. I wore a bikini while pregnant, I wear socks with my sandals, I often wear white in the winter, I don't own a slip and I refuse to wear pantyhose. (And all of those just made my mother cringe.) Looking back over that list--guess I'm still pretty cool after all. Even if I am sitting here in my pirate jammies typing in my "diary".

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