Thursday, March 20, 2008 new BFF

So, this is what it feels like to sleep most of the night. I should do this more often! After progressively getting worse throughout the day yesterday--as opposed to better after battling this crud all winter--Husband was on Kyleigh duty last night and I went to bed wonderfully loopy on Nyquil.

One gripe--I'm a stickler for proper dosage on meds and completing a round of meds. The dosage amounts listed on the bottle stated 2 tablespoons every 6 hours for anyone over 12. Fine. However, the little plastic dosage cup doesn't have a 2 tablespoon mark. Don't make a sick person convert ml into tablespoons! What were you thinking, you Nyquil making people?!


Marit said...

OK, I may be stupid.. but what on earth is BFF?

Dori said...

BFF...Best Friend Forever...IM and Paris Hilton speak :)