Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Things I can't live without

All right, how about "Things I can live without but I don't want to"--is that better?

Coffee maker--I have an unnatural relationship with my coffee maker. With it's programmable brew time and insulated carafe, it has fresh hot coffee waiting on me when I stumble downstairs in the mornings.

My Mac--we've been together for six years...multiple keyboards and mouses and one fried boot drive...still, a rather long term relationship between human and computer.

Books--take away the tv, but please don't take away my books!

According to some, we have a few books in this house. The little ones are also developing a love of books. My heart sighs when I hear Jacob "reading" to himself. It's also just about the only time he sits still!

Time for more coffee...and yep, it's still hot!

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