Sunday, March 30, 2008


As you may have noticed I've added a nifty little widget off to the side that catalogs my/our book collection. I figure if I add a dozen books a night then maybe, just maybe, I'll have our books cataloged by the new year. Oh, I'm not exaggerating--fine, maybe a little, but certainly not by much!

Husband and I were laughing about breaking the website that hosts the widget. It has several neat features, but if I used them, they would cry. For example--they look at what you read and recommend chat groups of like minded readers. Our book collection doesn't fall into categories like that. We run the full gamut--from sci-fi to fantasy, from historical biographies to modern day war stories (anything written by a former Spec Ops person--it's on our shelves), from humor to horror, from mystery to romance--it's all here! So, please, Library Thing, match me with a like-minded reader! Just a side note--I truly believe that civilization as we know it would cease to exist if there were no longer second-hand bookstores.

Another thing the website does is make reading suggestions based on books you already read. So far everything they've recommended is already on our shelves. Wow, they're good!

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go back to reading my current book--Twilight. Quite good actually. It was a birthday present from my sister--who managed to borrow it and read it before I did. That's fine--I did that with the Johnny Cash CD I bought her last year!


Marit said...

Please, PLEASE, can I come to your house and do nothing but read???

Dori said...

Come on over! I won't even put you to work...much...maybe a little babysitting! :)