Monday, March 24, 2008

"I misspoke"

Or, "Be careful of what you say around a 2-year-old"

A while ago, during one of our more chaotic mornings--yes, it does get chaotic around here--Jacob asked for juice. I got distracted doing something else--yep, that happens too--and was brought back to task by my adorable offspring's loving reminder that I was to fetch him his juice.

"Right, milk."
"No, Mommy--Juice! "
"Right, I knew that--see I was reaching for the juice--I just misspoke."

And that has become his word of the month. Again, just now. I called the table a desk.

"Mommy, did you misspoke? Because that's not a desk, it's a table."

And in his own special way, that makes him the delightful child he is...

"But this can be a desk for right now, Mommy."

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