Friday, March 14, 2008

Ahhh...clean house!

I really try and keep a clean house. I'm realistic about it though--I have to be with a dog that somehow blows his coat all year, a bulimic cat and a family of four. But the house does stay relatively clean. Except for these past couple of weeks. With sleep deprivation on top of being sick, it's a wonder we've even had clean clothes and dishes! I'm so very grateful for a husband who cooks and cleans--we break all of the laws on gender roles in this house!

Even when I'm not sick and exhausted I still don't like to mop the kitchen or clean the bathrooms! It's not like I enjoy living with the filth, it's that I can't handle the industrial smell of cleaning products. Why does something have to smell like a nursing home or our dorms in boarding school in order to be clean? Well, it appears I'm not alone in that thinking. The good people at Mr. Clean came out with a cleaning product that I can live with--and now my house smells like lavender and chamomile and I know it's clean! They should compensate me for the plug, don't you think? So, the house is clean, laundry is done--folded but not put away (I said I was feeling better, not that I became some sort of super mom overnight!) Wee little ones are down for naps and Husband is out at the shooting range testing his new rifle. Ah, the American household.

Oh, important safety tip--when using a dust mop on hardwood floors, do not--and this is important--use furniture polish on the mop head thinking it'll pick up more of the doggy hair. Poor Jacob has wiped out so many times I'm surprised he's not all black and blue!

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