Thursday, March 6, 2008

Family day and bargains...

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Jacob woke up feeling better--if his bouncing off the walls was any indication. Kyleigh and her incoming teeth actually let me sleep. There was no excuse or reason to not enjoy the great outdoors. And to insure that this playground visit didn't end up in the emergency room like last time (Jacob bounced his head off of a picnic table and ended the day with three stitches--now a scab which he is very proud of!) we woke up Daddy to join us.

Following playground, picnic and haircuts for the boys--for which they were both very well behaved, we swung by my former work to pick up a baby backpack carrier that I'd been wanting for Kyleigh, who is rapidly outgrowing her sling. The model I wanted retails for $120. I was annoyed at myself for not getting it while I still had pro-deal privileges and would have only paid $80 something for it.

A while ago I had sent a garment back to the manufacture to be repaired and had since been informed that they could neither repair nor replace the piece so I was given store credit to find my own replacement. Since the garment had been a gift to begin with, store credit was like free money. Back to yesterday. Armed with my credit--which was enough to pay for half of the pack--we walked into the store and there right in front--last year's packs were on sale. For half price. That's right. I paid $1.57. In the words of my brilliant and highly educated sister...wowie kazowie!

No...that is not me nor is that my child (I neither wear a watch or jean shorts). Just wanted to show the carrier. This is off of Kelty's website.


Marit said...

In our church group we used to call little things like this "winks from God"

Donia said...

it's "bargain"...see, my education at work :)