Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's official...

I am now, officially, a professional video editor along with being founder, president and CEO of Kuona Productions. Or, rather I will be once I get paid. Or does merely being hired with the agreement of payment make one a professional? It's all very confusing. However, I now know the difference between a corporation and an LLC (limited liability corporation). I've decided to go with neither and simply register my company's name with the county. The other two require meetings, minutes and business plans--and several hundred dollars and legal fees. My business plan--have fun, break even and gather clients.

Kuona (ku-O-naa) Swahili v.: (to see) To observe, to show, to witness. To get knowledge or an awareness of through the eyes; to perceive visually; to look at.

Cinema Eye--a phrase coined by early 20th century Russian documentarian, Denis Kaufman (aka Dziga Vertov) to encompass his belief that the mechanical eye of the camera was a more perfect means of "exploring the chaos of visual phenomena filling the universe".

Though Mr. Vertov basically went on to be rather loopy, the idea of the camera capturing images missed by the human eye is one of the aspects of photography and videography that fascinate me. Hence, the reason I've named my production company "To See"--of course, it is me after all, which is why it's in Swahili.

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