Monday, March 24, 2008


It's, what? Almost 9pm? And I just realized our cable company drastically cut our available channels. Not sure when that happened--we actually haven't had the television on for anything other than movies in several days. Does that make me un-American because I don't consume my weight in television viewing? I don't watch NASCAR either and I never saw one single episode of Sex in the City. I don't watch The Office, and I don't understand the Simpsons. I am, however, a closet American Idol fan...though it's a fairly transparent closet since most people know I watch it.

In the past when the cable company has switched channels over to digital they've sent notifications in advance to warn us. Guess they just assume everyone is on digital cable by now. Not so, Overly Large Cable Company! I'll hold out to the bitter end--baby needs formula and new shoes! We can't afford digital cable. And, yet, there I was on Craig's List this afternoon looking at motorcycles...

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