Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saturday at the river

"Mommy! Look! I'm playing with Ethan's poop!"


A few days before, the cousins had been down at the river. They discovered an abundance of wonderful clay just under the riverbed and spent the time sculpting various works of art. The majority of which turned out to look like poop. And my son was playing with Ethan's "art".

That was Saturday.

Sunday morning he starts talking about it again.

"I was playing with Ethan's poop!"

Right. Not exactly the opening greeting I was hoping for while walking into church.

"Sweetie, it wasn't really Ethan's poop."

"It was Sammy's poop!"

"No. Jacob, it was just pretend poop. Ethan made it out of clay. Like your play dough."

"Oh, Clay Dough."

"Yes! We can call it Clay Dough."

"I was playing with Ethan's poop!"

"It. Wasn't. Ethan's. Poop."

"It was giraffe poop!"

Fine. You're right. It was giraffe poop. I'll notify the Department of Wildlife Management immediately. They'll want to know about the giraffes wandering around the Willis River in south western Virginia. They might also be interested in the hippos that are also apparently in residence there.


Suburbia said...

Oh so cute! Did he say it in a loud voice in church later?!! Or is he saving that for an unsuspecting moment?!!
The river looks a fantastic place to play.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's awesome, giraffe poop, LOL.
I can't wait to see the giraffes and hippos when I come home. I'll stop there just to see them. Tell Jacob I'll need a tour guide :o)

Have a great day Dori!

Grit said...

what a great idea. i could run with that one - the invisible giraffe that comes to sit at the back of the church. i'm sure if we listen hard we can hear the clack clack clack of her knitting needles.

oh to be young again!

Melanie said...

For a minute there, I thought you had posted a picture of yourself in a bathing suit - which I thought was quite ballsy. :)

Donia said...

Hahahahahahaha...Maia and I just read this. Since all of my kids got named, I want a cut when you publish :) And to Melanie--that's a 12 year old in the bathing suit...