Friday, May 30, 2008

Panda Surgeon

Labels to add to my litany of job descriptions over there. Panda Surgeon. Healer of Stuffed Animals.

Why the sudden increase in stuffed animal infirmities, you may be asking yourself. Well, there's a story to be told here.

Over the past couple of years I've learned to choose my battles with my son. What is really important enough to wage war over and what are things we can come to a compromise on. One of the battles I chose to compromise on was the issue of throwing his stuffed animals. Stuffed animals may now be thrown but only in the playroom and even then, not at people, not at the living animals and not at the windows. It's all about the loopholes with him!

Back to the Panda Bear. Not too long ago, while exercising his right to throw stuffed animals in the playroom, Jacob discovered that if he threw them high enough and at the correct angle they would reach the ceiling fan. Of course, my brilliant child isn't content with merely learning on one level. He must always wander up to a higher level--as in: I wonder what would happen if, say...the fan was actually turned on?

Poor, poor Panda was a victim of this curiosity. Panda hit the ceiling fan while it was spinning. It wasn't the flying off of the fan that did him in. It was more of the being slammed against the wall and the rough landing that almost tore his little leg off.

Fortunately for the lives and limbs of the remaining animals I always allow for rules to be amended. Unfortunately for the same said animals, once Jacob has discovered a new and greater form of destruction it's awfully difficult--nay, impossible--to enforce a cease and desist ruling.

Panda is all stitched up and healing nicely, thanks for asking. Even managed to replace most of his stuffing--though, if you ask me, he could do with a little less stuffing. However, it's got to be rather difficult to remain relaxed and calm when there's an anklesaurus nibbling at your other leg!


My Castle in Spain said...

Glad you managed to stitch up poor panda!
Have a great monday...

ps:thank you for your visit and i'm also glad you enjoyed Granada very much. whatever i do, i'm really in love with Andalucia now

My Castle in Spain said...

Lala again..

by the way, you're also an airplane mechanic?
wouah..! that's grand!
one of my biggest desires is to learn how to another life maybe

Grit said...

dropping in over here from somewhere over there ... i sympathise with the cuddly animal hospital ... i just stitched a dolphin's fin back on ... no-one ever told me either that this was something mothers had to be expert in.