Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Move along, please.

Nothing to see here.

Just an exhausted, sleep deprived, icky feeling woman with deadlines looming, a birthday to plan for, a bathroom that is this close to being finished, a son who is now interested in using the potty (thank the Good Lord that urine is sterile!), and a baby that is once again cutting teeth.

No--once again, that isn't me in the picture. But Dakota T. Dog sure looks how I feel!

So...move along to the next blog, people.

We'll return to normal blogging soon.


Anonymous said...

Ha, That looks like my Dakota, accept my Dakota was more white. I have another friend here who named her first Akita, Dakota also, lol. Doesn't the name seem to just fit that breed?

Marit said...

Just keep hanging in there!

(Sending all kinds of positive vibes in your direction)

Suburbia said...

Heee Heee you only got 18!!! I thought my 34 was bad;)

Sorry you're having a bad time.The potty thing is positive though , or it will be eventually.
Good luck with the sleep thing. My sympathies, it can really get you down. Hopefully the teeth will be through soon.

Dori said...

Gina--I think you still had your Dakota when we got ours. I remember Amy making comments about that being the only name for Akitas!

Thanks for the positive thoughts, Marit! Sean actually just put in the very last tile!!

Suburbia, I think it was the vulgarity and staying in my pajamas all day that ranked me as a failure! :D

Anonymous said...

Yippee on the last tile being put in. Hope things calm down there soon! Who has a birthday coming up?

Cody's birthday is on the 4th of July, but we are having his b-day party on the 6th. I think it's going to be bigger than I thought :o)

Take care of yourself and get some rest.