Friday, June 13, 2008

A random post

I managed to snag pictures off of my mom's camera (Thank you, Daddy, for the CD) and figured I could share. So, here you are...a photo journal from the past several weeks. Besides, I've been tiling all day and my brain is mush!

He missed the shot of me with the reciprocating saw...but a crow bar and destruction is almost as good! This seems like a lifetime ago!

Babu and Jacob walking up from the river.

Cousins enjoying the water.

Kyleigh not too sure about the whole cereal thing yet!
She's a pro at it now!

Jacob and I sitting by the river. It had recently rained and I'm looking at the level and speed of the water--slightly terrified and positively against my son going for a swim that day!

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Gina said...

The river picture at the bottom is breath taking. Very beautiful there!