Friday, June 20, 2008

Around our yard...

Jacob and I took a walk around the yard today. Spent some time in the front--not something we usually do. A fairly busy road and an even busier 3-year-old. Not a good mix. But we saw this on the window and Jacob wanted to get a closer look. So out the front door we went.

I was asked if this was a mommy praying mantis or a daddy praying mantis. I figured odds were pretty good it was a mommy seeing as it still is in possession of its head.

A spider that has taken up residence between the panes of our louvered windows in the sunroom. Every now and then we get to watch it hunt and gather. Fascinating!

And a plant I had no idea existed in our yard! I should walk around the house more often!

And if I did walk around more often I'd have noticed sooner that my poor crape myrtle is fatally diseased. Very sad.

And here we have the latest resident of the front. My dad felt that this little guy needed to be in our yard. Given how heavy it is, this is as far from the vehicle as it got! He's actually quite quaint and growing on me.


Suburbia said...

Great Bugs! Thanks for the birthday wishes. There's some cake left if you want some!!;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,
I love watching spiders hunt. We actually found a black widow in our basement. I can never kill anything so we jarred it and I took it down the road hoping it wouldn't make it back to our house, lol
Interesting little guy and he does look quite heavy.

Have a great day!