Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Metaphors and sarcasm...foreign concepts in 3-Year-Old land...

So the Loving Husband and son visited a book store the other day and this book came home. And my creative brain has been churning with ideas. Curled up on the couch last night sharing remodeling thoughts Sean mentioned that I might benefit from autoCAD software--the type that would allow me to transcribe my ideas onto the computer. My first response was negative--I'm an artist. I can draw my own pictures, thankyouverymuch. Then today I was looking around some more and thought that maybe the software would certainly come in handy. I can admit when I'm wrong.

So, tonight at dinner...

Me: I was thinking earlier today that maybe you were right and I'm sorry I pooped on your autoCAD software idea.

Jacob: What did you poop on?

Me: I didn't poop on anything, Jacob. It's just a metaphor.

J: Who met a four?

Me: No, Sweetie, a met-a-phor. It's a word that means one thing but is used to describe another thing. I just didn't think too highly of Daddy's idea earlier.

J: You pooped on the floor?! You're not supposed to do that, Mommy.

Me: No, I didn't poop on the floor! Mommy poops in the potty just like you do.

J: So why did you say you pooped?

Daddy: You want a shovel?

J: Why would Mommy want a shovel? To shovel the poop?

Me: (in my head) Yes. To shovel the huge pile of steaming poop she now finds herself under.

M: (out loud) Eat your chicken.

J: Why is Mommy stabbing herself in the eye with her fork?

Okay, the last sentence I made up. But mentally that's exactly what I was doing!

Aaaaaand....seeing as we're already on the subject, let's just continue on down the spiral, shall we? Bet you'll be singing this all day tomorrow.


Momma Val said...

OMG, that gave me a nice hearty chuckle. Thanks! I am not looking forward to trying to explain some of the things I say to my little boy. lol

Oh, and quit pooping on the floor, okay? JK!

Elise said...

I so had to laugh at that dialog! What an amazingly smart kid you have :-)

Elise said...

and an excellent song, more laughs!

Tina said...

HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOO funny!!

Donia said...

So in science class recently, I explained to 14 year old how it is that you smell odors...now they are completely grossed out at the thought of someone else's poop molecules up their noses!! I love my job :)

Stephanie said...

And people wonder why moms NEED adult converstaion. :)

Dori said...

And, Donia, I love my big sister!

Adult conversation? What's that?! And he is far, far too smart!