Monday, March 23, 2009

Conversation pieces...

Of course this had Jacob all sort of curious...

Why is there a police dog?

Because maybe this policeman does what Daddy does and has a dog for a partner.

Just like Daddy and Helix!

That's right--just like them!

Why didn't my Lego policeman come with a dog?

Because technically, it's your Daddy's Lego policeman that Aunt Donia gave him for an Academy graduation present and he didn't work with Helix then.

Does he help out his policeman with finding "esposive" bomb stuff?

Maybe. What do you think?

I think he does dog training like the other dogs at the police dog place.
Hey, why don't my policemen come with pins?

Because I'm sure there are laws regarding just that sort of thing.

And comments from Kyleigh also abounded...

Doggy! Doooogy. Woof, woof. Dada! Doggy. Dada! Woof (giggle, giggle).

It really doesn't need to be said that I'm so proud of both of my offspring, does it?

Or that I come here in desperate search of adult conversation?


Meadowlark said...

With things as they are in the world, I just appreciate a cheery post.

I don't know why this set of shootings has me so far down. Maybe it's just on top of everything else. I just know I'm going "radio silence" for a while, but I'll be stopping by to say hello.


Dori said...

I suppose the shiny side of living with two short ones that demand my undivided attention 24/7 is just that--I have nothing left with which to dwell on the state of the country/world/universe. While I am still aware of my surroundings, I'll be damned if I let it filter in to my home and effect my children in any way negatively. My mom taught me that lesson. However, Sean came home and announced he was taking tomorrow off (comp time) and in light of current events we will be spending it together as a family.

Suburbia said...

Some days I just crave adult attention!

Momma Val said...

That is so cool (the pins AND your children's reactions). A few years back I found some vintage "little people" at a garage sale and drilled holes in them and made key chains. You would never believe how many people from my generation were in love and drawn to them. I love this kind of thing :)

Soozcat said...

I used to live in the East Bay Area, and for some time the dad of my best friend growing up was Oakland's Chief of Police. The news of these shootings was traumatic in our household, even though we didn't know any of the officers personally.

I respect so much what police officers do, and how well most of them do it. It's one of the reasons why my eye was drawn to these little Lego guys.

(And Kyleigh's comments are darling, especially the "woof woof" bit.)