Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More things handed down...

Jacob has discovered the amazing world of Legos. Not the big chunky ones--those are now being loved and adored by his sister. The real ones--the little ones that cause mind numbing pain when stepped on.

Hmmm...must be genetic....

Though, I didn't get my first set of Legos until the Christmas just before by 6th birthday. Even then, I had to fight off my dad (Hi, Daddy! Excellent shirt!) to actually be able to play with them.

Forget the Barbie cakes--I asked for a Lego cake. My mom (Hi, Mama!), the amazing woman that she is, managed to make Lego blocks from homemade marshmallows.

One of the boxes I pulled down out of the attic for Jacob a few days ago contained the remnants of the very same set I received that year. No small feat considering how many times I've moved in the past 30 years!

Jacob went to bed a little late tonight. We were building a bulldozer.

Edited for correction....I was just informed by a very reliable source that though it was, indeed, my mom that baked and decorated my Lego birthday cake, it was my dad that labored over the marshmallows.


Anonymous said...

wonder who that reliable source was...hmmmm!

Very cute. I've pulled out all of my Strawberry Shortcake dolls for Kailea two years ago. Now, they are all unclothed somewhere in a toy box. I think when we get in our new house I will go through the toys and recloth them and put them back up.

I had legos too and a really cool lego stand (where you can build on a table thing especially made for legos) We can't find it though. We looked in my mom's attic and through all of our crap and can't find it. Legos are awesome. Looks like fun!!!

The Boisterous Butterfly said...

Although I am very old, I had Legos when I was a kid, because I lived in Europe and they were available sooner there. I loved them and didn't want to play with anything else. They were just simple blocks then with doors and windows, nothing fancy.I built houses that I pretended to live in with balconies and sloping roofs.